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250607 [Monday
June 25th, at 6:42pm]
i wonder if anyone uses livejournal anymore. but if they do i figured they would especially appreciate my posts because they're so seldom and shit.

i'm on 6 weeks of holidays and have sufficient plans which include working and spending said earnt money. i need to get my guitar fixed especially since its not my guitar and the guy who lent it to me is cut at me so i probably shouldn't attempt to rub salt into the wound. other events will include going down to canberra, learning some sort of skill and trying to figure out how to not pay for a 300 dollar pistol range course that i wanna sign up for.

but most recently (as in my first day of holidays which was wednesday last week) my mum gave me a puppy. her name is roxy.
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060207 [Tuesday
February 6th, at 11:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

The oddest thing happened today. after i came home from the library, i was on the computer when there was a knock on the door. basically i answered it to a old lady (about 50) hunched over on my front porch. she asked for $10 because she had a bladder infection and needed to buy the pills and her son (who i later learnt was 23), who would give her the money if he had it, didn't get paid until thursday.

unsure of what to do, i just decided to give her the money. karma and such. besides she seemed sincere enough and i was quite sure i could smack her around if she tried anything shifty. so i got the money and handed it to her. she then asked for a can of drink because she needed the sugars and also the fluids. so i got her a can of coke.

she THEN asked if she could come in and drink it and rest as she had been walking from somewhere far which i can't remember anymore. she was walking to the chemist. i don't actually understand what she would have done if she hadn't gotten the money but i will try to ignore it because i gave the lady 10 dollars.

she sat on the couch closest to my doorway and proceeded to drink and such. i think she figured her repayment would be to tell me her life story where i learnt about her son and her god daughter named koren who has a thyroid problem (and thus getting it removed) and is now a size 24. i didn't get her name. nor did she ask for mine.

either way, after about 10 minutes of me standing there making sure she didn't take any of my stuff, she thanked me and got up and left. she said she'd repay me when she could which i hope she doesn't because it would involve her coming to my house again and my dad, now at home, being all 'wtf why did you give a lady money for!'

the end/

p.s i got me a pretty new lap top. i'm all organised and that fucking shit. ;D

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210107 [Sunday
January 21st, at 10:41pm]
a new year means a clean slate on the lj and everything of the past year (which is only 5 entries) has been moved to private to make way for all the new and exciting ones. XD

how is everyone? i've spent the first two of january working at abc college doing the holiday course and am now doing private tutoring for 4 different students until school starts. it's really hectic but i'm making about 600 a week for about 25 hours of work. so i'll just keep on doing it until they all go back to school and i have a month until uni begins and i can sit around with a colouring book. (which i do have. it's strawberry shortcake)

today i went to liverpool with adan in his stupid fat ugly glitter car and i bought clothes and we ate thai food. i should take photos of my new clothes. scratch and sniff shirts are the best. seriously. fuck guys who smell like musk and give me one that smells like bubblegum. and if not of my new clothes, then of the fucking shit job the beautician did when she waxed my eyebrows. i came home and my mum asked why 'one of your eyebrows so pointy on one end?'.

the fool.

either way i hope everyones having a great summer. it's been boiling so don't get sunburnt. i say this to adan who has 4 shades of red on his shoulders while his legs are safety hazard with their whiteness.
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