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a new year means a clean slate on the lj and everything of the past year (which is only 5 entries) has been moved to private to make way for all the new and exciting ones. XD

how is everyone? i've spent the first two of january working at abc college doing the holiday course and am now doing private tutoring for 4 different students until school starts. it's really hectic but i'm making about 600 a week for about 25 hours of work. so i'll just keep on doing it until they all go back to school and i have a month until uni begins and i can sit around with a colouring book. (which i do have. it's strawberry shortcake)

today i went to liverpool with adan in his stupid fat ugly glitter car and i bought clothes and we ate thai food. i should take photos of my new clothes. scratch and sniff shirts are the best. seriously. fuck guys who smell like musk and give me one that smells like bubblegum. and if not of my new clothes, then of the fucking shit job the beautician did when she waxed my eyebrows. i came home and my mum asked why 'one of your eyebrows so pointy on one end?'.

the fool.

either way i hope everyones having a great summer. it's been boiling so don't get sunburnt. i say this to adan who has 4 shades of red on his shoulders while his legs are safety hazard with their whiteness.
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